Judges' Awards

Matt Caspari


“I know it's just a student assignment, but creating a backstory for an ordinary stamp that's actually touching should be worth a shout out. Choice of music and animation choices here are very effective. Can't put it in quite the same league as Pixar's legendary Luxo Jr., but it's nice that the comparison comes to mind — and  I'm guessing they had a little more money.”

Patrick Tubach

King Lear Poster

“I chose the King Lear poster to receive my Judge's award because I was impressed that it says so much with so little, but it's also about more than just the sparse minimalism. First of all, the bold, three color image is striking image from a distance and it draws you in- you just have to know what it's about. Next, it takes a subject that many can find dry and boring like Shakespearean Theater and turns that on its head by presenting the iconography with a clean and modern aesthetic that instantly makes the viewer aware that this performance is going to be hipper than they might expect. Finally, there's the clever use of the layout- a playing card style and single tear in the eye of the King, all of which hints at the tragic, darker side of the drama. This is a poster that does its primary job of conveying information well, but goes above and beyond by branding the show and making a favorable first impression *before* the lights go on and the curtain opens on the first act. Bravo!”

Todd LeMieux

"Practice Makes Better." Process Book & Website

“The Practice Makes Better project stuck with me from the moment I saw it—both the printed piece as well as the website. Such a well thought out project—gorgeous design, restrained, clean use of type and a color palette well-suited for the intended audience.”

“Throughout the judging process, whenever there was a break in judging responsibility, I found myself continuing to go back to the project to delve deeper and read more. The fact that it kept drawing me back told me just how impressive the idea and execution is, and it made the selection of my judge's choice an easy one.”

“The success of the project is evident in the fact I went through then entire site, hoping that the project continues in the spirit and intent of the creator, and that more and more content will continue to be added. I want this project to live on!”

Mike Eaton

Newman’s Own Challenge Brochure & Letter

“I was immediately drawn to the High Hopes direct mail piece for the whimsical illustration and gutsy choice of ink colors. Not only does it tell the compelling story of a worthy organization, but the design choices made ensure that recipients will engage with it.”

Thom Long

For it Felt Like Power

“This particular piece struck me for its creative and inventive work with white space—a real challenge in design—combined with its tactile letter-press texture. I also found that this piece, in particular, spoke very closely with its content both through its overall aesthetic.”